Konya Province, Turkey: HBDH Revenge Units Destroy Turkish Military Convoy

On August 10th, 2019, the Alişer Xelikan, Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu and Bayram Namaz HBDH Revenge Units destroyed an 8 vehicle military convoy that was loaded with ammunition and traveling through Akşehir in Konya Province.

Our units, who received intelligence information about the military convoy that was sent to the region as reinforcements within the scope of the occupation preparations at the border of the occupying AKP-MHP fascist bloc, which is the biggest threat to the people of the region, made preparations in accordance with the route and transit time information and successfully destroyed its target. As a result of the explosions that took place while the convoy was traveling, the fate of the soldiers inside the vehicles has been hidden by those in power, just like the facts about what happened in Reyhanli. Our units witnessed many dead and wounded soldiers.

Our units have now successfully returned to their bases.

(via HBDH-Online)

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