Reyhanli, Turkey: Revenge Units Attack Turkish Military Ammunition Depot

10.08.19: To mark the upcoming 35th anniversary of the August 15th 1984 breakthrough*, the Delal Amed and Ulaş Adalı Revenge Units carried out an action against the local area military ammunition field in Reyhanli. The field, which is used as an ammunition depot by the military, also includes inventories of the MIT (National Intelligence Organization) and TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) that are fed to informal gangs. After this action, our units returned to their bases without incurring any losses or civilian casualties. There will be a written statement about the action soon.

*Translation note: On August 15th, 1984, the PKK launched their first major armed action in the Eruh district of Siirt and the Semdinli district of Hakkari in North Kurdistan / Southeast Turkey. PKK fighters attacked police stations and military housing units and seized a large number of weapons and ammunition. Simultaneously the homes of bank staff were raided and an expropriation of the Ziraat Bank was carried out.

Update: English translation of the HBDH claim of responsibility 

(via HBDH-Online)

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