Berlin, Germany: WISAG Vehicle Torched for Loic, the Park Bench 3 and Antonin Bernanos

We send the prisoners and the persecuted fiery greetings. Even if we don’t know them, they are in prison for us.

The city is full of targets. One of them, a WISAG car, was set on fire during the night of August 7 in Berlin-Wedding. During the day, there were still swarms of uniforms in this neighborhood that were carrying out an eviction there. At night the streets once again belonged to the arsonists.

We destroy everything that serves the rule of the State, as these private security services do with joyful resignation. This is also a message of greeting to Liebig 34, the planned eviction will cause much devastation.

Freedom for Loic, the Park Bench 3 and Antonin Bernanos!*

Freedom for all prisoners!

Fire to the investors and the security services!


(via Deutschland Indymedia)

*Antonin Bernanos is a militant antifascist imprisoned in France

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