Denizli, Turkey: Chemical Factory Destroyed by HBDH Militia

06.08.19: The chemical factory located in the Denizli Organized Industrial Zone was targeted by us, HBDH (Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement) Militia on August 04, 2019. As a result of our sabotage action, the fire in the factory, which was accompanied by periodic explosions, lasted for hours, rendering the building unusable.

The flames illuminating the night sky were broadcast by the fascist AKP monopolized media. Our United Revolutionary Struggle illuminates not only the night but also the fascist darkness of the AKP-MHP, and becomes the light of the people.

Faced with the attacks that have been going on for days, the government, their ministries and their media repeat together the same chorus as the choir of the palace: “fire of unknown origin”.

If the media has the courage to report properly, we can explain the causes of the fires…it is neither an electrical fault nor a technical defect that causes all the oppression of the people. You are experiencing the consequences of the problems you have created.

Here are the reasons;

-Always turning the country you manage into the farms of your families and supporters.

-The drive for money and profit that turns the country into a workers’ cemetry.

-Your enslavement of the Kurdish people, “regardless of whether they are women or children,” your policy of slaughter continues.

-Your attacks against Ali ─░smail and the Soma workers.

-The bullets your fired at Berkin Elvan and Ugur Kaymaz.

-The systematic abuse of thousands of children

-The massacres and fatwas you have unleashed upon the Alevi

-The torture in your prison dungeons.

-Your massacres carried out with an ISIS mask.

and many more…

Now you are experiencing the consequences of the hellfire that you have unleashed on the people of the region, the workers, the laborers.

Those who state that worker deaths are due to ‘the nature of their work’ must face the truth.

Sow the winds, reap the storm.

Create repression, you will reap anger.

HBDH Militia

(via HBDH-Online)

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