Italy: Updates from a Visit with Anarchist Prisoner Natascia at L’Aquila Prison

01.08.19: From a recent visit to Natascia, still locked up in the AS2 unit of the prison of L’Aquila (although she is actually under the 41bis regime), we learn that since the hunger strike she and Anna (Silvia is still being held in the prison of Turin) have started to submit three to five requests a day, every day, for what is being denied them.

Since the hunger strike the GOM female screws guarding them (GOM is the mobile operative group of the prison police) have become even more hostile, including those who had initially followed a protocol of ‘neutrality’. Requests ignored, screws denying having received them, and so on.

The prison library doesn’t give them any books, not even the few accorded by its own rules. Use of the sports ground is also denied them. The reason, given after a fantastic series of responses ranging from it being out of use to it being used by some other prisoner, is that they are not allowed to go to the sports ground. Full stop.

Censorship has also blocked money that comrades have sent to Natascia. In fact, the lawyer was even told that she could not leave Natascia any money on the pretext that the cashier’s office was closed, even if they had previously told her she could in the case of emergency. Censorship is also keeping most of her letters from her. However she is asking people to keep writing anyway, because even when a letter doesn’t pass the censorship she is notified of its arrival and the sender, and even this isn’t much it is comforting.

To top it all, Natascia was also dealt a disciplinary sanction because of a ‘too short’ skirt, forbidding her any activities for three days; but as the comrades are not allowed any activities anyway, the sanction resulted in her being prohibited from eating with Anna for three days.

On 11th July there was a hearing for a review of the sentence, which Natascia could only attend through video-conferencing. About a week later the news came that the court, as in Robert and Beppe’s case, had decided for confirmation of imprisonment. The reason should be made known in thirty days.

On Wednesday 24th July the court of surveillance of L’Aquila will discuss Natascia, Anna and Silvia’s claims concerning the prison conditions in L’Aquila.

Updates to follow.

(via Round Robin, translated into English by Act For Freedom Now)

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