Santiago, Chile: Responsibility Claim for the Parcel-Bomb Attacks Against Former Minister of the Interior Rodrigo Hinzpeter and Major Manuel Guzmán

30.07.19: On the 25th of July, 2019, a parcel bomb was delivered to Police Station 54 in Huechuraba, Santiago. The parcel was opened and successfully detonated, causing material destruction to the police station and hospitalizing 5 police officers. On the same day, a second parcel bomb was intercepted before it could be opened at the headquarters of Quinenco SA, one of the holding companies through which Chile’s richest family controls the Bank of Chile.  A police and State-generated media frenzy soon ensued with much speculation regarding the identity of the senders of the explosive packages. Now, an anarchist cell calling themselves SEDITIOUS ACCOMPLICES / FRACTION FOR REVENGE have issued a communique claiming responsibility for both attacks in which they stated that they were specifically targeting two individuals- Carabineros Major Manuel Guzmán at Police Station 54 in Huechuraba and former Minister of the Interior Rodrigo Hinzpeter who now works at Quinenco SA. Below is an English translation of the original communique that was posted on Contra Info….


We claim responsibility for the two parcels composed of black gunpowder and dynamite addressed to Rodrigo Hinzpeter and Carabineros Chief Manuel Guzmán at Police Station 54 in Huechuraba.

We took all the necessary security measures to ensure that the devices only exploded in the hands of the persons targeted by our action. Our enemies are clear to us, we are not seeking to harm or injure random people. While we know that we all are part of the operation of dominion, we recognize that there are degrees of responsibility and the recipients of our explosive parcels have decisive roles in both the management and accumulation of capital and in State control and repression.

They are the ones who make key decisions in the strengthening of oppression. Of this there can be no doubt and it is for these reasons that we attacked them in their places of operation.

Rodrigo Hinzpeter, Minister of the Interior during the previous government of Sebastián Piñera, in charge of unleashing repression against Mapuche communities in struggle, anarchist environments and student sectors mobilized and radicalized in the heat of street clashes. Responsible for the deaths of Manuel Gutierrez, the 81 prisoners of San Miguel prison and those wounded from the riots in Aysen and Freirina. He currently has a management position at the company Quiñenco which belongs to the infamous Luksic group whose tentacles spread into more and more areas from banks to TV channels, transforming our lives into merchandise and tradeable values.

Together with the above, this managerial mafia plans from these now damaged operational centers, the devastation of the Earth and the siege of the Mapuche communities via their forestry.

Manuel Guzmán, Carabineros Major of Police Station 54 in Huechuraba, entrusted to suppress and control the territory where in the year 1988 his former colleagues murdered anarchist compañera Claudia Lopéz during the street clashes of September.

Any police station is a valid target. Their uniforms continue to spill blood on every corner of the city, protecting our enemies and using bullying tactics against anyone who abandons the minefield of prohibitions that they have transformed the world into. It is especially in the police stations where the executioners are given free reign to unleash an orgy of torment and beatings against those they have arrested.

We see them appearing with an absurd bravado militarily occupying current spaces of struggle, such as the schools. They always try it against populations or during street clashes, hiding behind their laws. But the desire for freedom exceeds with fire any obedience to the authority and its order.

The police and the prison society is a reality. Any action against them is completely valid.

This operation involving two explosive attacks is a clear act of revenge against specific individuals who support and direct this world. Their actions were not forgotten. We responded with violent anarchic action that falls within the context of and is a contribution to the new urban guerrilla.

With these actions we reclaim an historical tool of anarchist confrontation that has been used by different comrades and groups in various other places and eras.

The sounds can still be heard from the parcel bombs used by the irreducible anarchists in the US during 1920, the parcel bomb sent to the prison officer in charge of torturing the anarchist Simon Radowitzky in Argentina or the attacks during recent decades in Italy and Greece.

We understand that the only way to live life is to strike back against the oppressors. We realize that Power will not collapse from these attacks, but this is no reason to remain idle. We attack because we reject a life of citizen passivity. We have moved away from the formal combat structures to take matters into our own hands, assemble in affinity and experience the pleasure of the attack.

Along with the explosives, these parcels also contained a warm hug to steal a smile from those who have been kidnapped by the State: Juan Aliste, Marcelo Villaroel, Juan Flores, Joaquín García, Sol Vergara and to the prisoners of the jails in Italy, Greece and Russia. We do not forget them.

We aim to contribute to the diverse confrontation with Power. To those who make Molotovs, plan attacks, prepare barricades and street clashes, build explosives, check potential targets and dedicate time and imagination to new attacks against dominion. This is a call to extend and intensify the scope of our offensive.

The powerful are made of flesh and blood, they are identifiable, vulnerable and destructible. Let’s go get ’em.

Let’s extend the limits of our attacks: we can always aim for more.

Let’s unleash our destructive hostilities!


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