Wallmapu / Chile: Wave of Arson Attacks in Memory of Murdered Mapuche Fighter Lemuel Fernández Toledo

On July 19th, 26-year-old Mapuche man, Lemuel Fernández Toledo, was shot and killed by a landowner in Tranaquepe, Tirúa, Chile. This assassination took place within the context of ongoing territorial recuperation by Mapuche communities in the region. This communique comes from the Mapuche political prisoners in the Angol prison, remembering and recognizing Lemuel Fernández Toledo as a Mapuche youth dedicated to the Mapuche struggle.

Originally published by Radio Kurruf. Translated by Voices in Movement.

July 21st, 2019

As Mapuche political prisoners in the Angol prison, we state the following to our Mapuche people and to the community in general. With this communique, we give our most sincere and fraternal greeting to the family and community of our Peñi Weichafe LEMUEL FERNÁNDEZ TOLEDO.

We send our newen (energy), recognizing Lemuel Fernández Toledo as an outstanding man who committed his life to putting the weichan (struggle) into practice. For that reason, we support him as a weichafe (fighter) of our people, valuing enormously his example. We call on all of the communities in resistance and all of those who sympathize with our cause to continue struggling, with more newen (energy) than ever, and with the conviction and memory of our fallen weichafes (fighters). We call on you all to continue exercising Mapuche justice, advancing toward the liberation of our Mapuche people.



Between July 21 and July 25 a wave of arson and incendiary attacks took place in Wallmapu territory in memory of Lemuel Fernández Toledo. Below is a brief chronicle of some of the actions that took place, via Werken Noticias website.

July 25, 2019: Arson attack in San Miguel sector, the 5th in less than a week south of Cañete. Two landowner’s properties attacked by unknown persons who threatened the caretaker with long weapons. They then set fire to a shed filled with agricultural equipment and supplies and the caretaker’s house. The caretaker was unharmed. A banner was left at the scene that said “Weichafe Lemuel Vive”.

July 24, 2019: Incendiary attack in the Los Batros sector: an unoccupied holiday home was set on fire by unknown persons.

July 23, 2019: Logging machinery at the Lanalhue de Cañete estate torched by encapuchados (hooded ones) in Lanalhue de Cañete.

July 22, 2019: 4 landowner’s properties torched in Puerto Peleco.

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