Germany: Solidarity Means Attack!

The latest raid of Liebig34 showed once more that our attack is needed! There have been numerous solidarity actions in Berlin concerning the Liebig and all the other endangered projects. We are documenting them on and call on today’s militants to destroy the city before the rulers, the property owners and their law enforcement officers completely sink our ideas and our dreams into the rubble of lifelessness and digital stupidity. Let’s organize meeting spaces where we can discuss and develop ideas. Let’s plan actions that have the potential to spontaneously break out of the rules of assemblies and ritualized concepts.

Let’s form gangs and take the streets, because it is through action that we strengthen our trust and our relationships.

DieselA/WiderStrandMeutereiSyndikatPotseLiebig34 verteidigen!

The projects under threat:

Call to action:

Action reports:

(via Deutschland Indymedia)


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