Mexico: Letter in Solidarity with Anarchist Compañera Anna Beniamino by Féminas Brujas and Insurrectionalists

In July 2015, Anna Beniamino was sentenced to 3 years for co-publishing the revolutionary anarchist paper KNO3 in Italy. While imprisoned she was also prosecuted for her associations with the informal anarchist tendency (“Scripta Manent”), which she continued to resist with hunger strikes alongside her co-defendants. In April of this year she received another 17 year sentence for Crocetta and Fossano bombs (2006 and 2007) and for the explosive packages of July 2006 (the same three for which Alfredo Cospito was sentenced), as well as for a “subversive association with terrorist purposes” as promoter of the FAI (the Informal Anarchist Federation).

Beginning this year, Féminas Brujas and Insurrectionalists (FBI) have been corresponding with her and expressing solidarity, initially with an anarchic call to action for International Women’s Day last March. This is their latest letter.

Dear Anna, (1)

we are an informal anarchic group made up of women who operate in Mexico, motivated by insurrectionist theses and anarchist illegality. We collaborate as a matter of affinity and not because we believe that we should not work with male partners, in fact, on different occasions we have coordinated with other groups of partners to act more powerfully. Some of us are lesbians, bisexuals, polyamorists, queers and others are such sluts that we would build a boat if were reborn on the Island of Lesbos so as not to give up having sex with men. We hope that it’s clear that our “affinity” is not based on sexual preferences but on the ideas that drive us and the confidence we have in each other at the time of the attack.

After this clarification, we want to express (publicly and openly) our solidarity with you, not because you are a woman or because you are a “victim” when you find yourself in the grip of the State, but because of your anarchic positioning in a permanent war against the system of domination. We celebrate your anarchic conviction and your honest courage!

Your simple words, reaffirming your anarchism without sectoral limitations and without falling into the much-discredited political correctness and its linguistic conventions (“gender-friendly”), have touched us in the deepest way. That is why we did not want to miss the opportunity to give you a public response, preventing your ideas and convictions from being lost in the sea of letters, manifestos and communications circulating in our networks. We hope that your letter and our response invite reflection for all the compañeras who in search of anarchy have been trapped in a reformist substitute in service to domination, immobilized in the “degeneration,” “between pride and victimhood of gender,” as you explain in your letter.

We said it before and we repeat it now: “We are not feminists. We are ANARCHISTS. That’s why we fight against patriarchy, not feminism. Feminism is an ideology more at the service of power. Anarcho-feminism is a seventy-year deviation, one of the thousand deviations from the great proliferation of currents in the movement. One more, such as anarcho-Christianity, anarcho-syndicalism, anarcho-pacifism, anarcho-leninism, anarcho-Islamism, or any of the many that some colleagues would denounce, if they weren’t busy being so politically correct to address this topic and so prefer to leave us the task.” (2)

And we think it is necessary to repeat ourselves because our statement (like your letter now) was ignored by most of the anarchist media, leaving us to the most related ones, but it was also questioned and attacked. The funny thing is that we were not questioned by the alleged “assaulted” but by some redeemed males who assume “anarcho-feminist” means being “more papist that the Pope.” The darkest thing is that now it is more difficult to identify them because in their deliriums of repentance they no longer write with the “e” nor with “x” or “@”, looking for the neutrality of the language, they write in feminine, that is, posing as women.

The most veteran of our group began with an anti-authoritarian walk in early 2000 caught in the leftist discourses that imposed that sectorization of the war (worker, peasant, indigenous, feminist, LGBT) that you denounce, adapting the old Leninist theories of the “new” time. They were the new social-democratic costumes for sale in the market of the ideologies that existed in the international footbridge of the “New Left”.

In that pitiful environment we explored “anarcho-feminism”, trapped in political correctness (inclusive language, intersectionalism, rights and so much victimization) and the political activity of militant feminism. The most dramatic part of this mimicry was the one that always prioritized the workers’ struggles, while the anarchic war was always present to question and confront all domination, including sexist domination.

The saddest thing about anarcho-feminism as a deviant strategy was that it abandoned the anarchic conflict by reducing our war to a list of demands that the domination quickly transformed into “rights” by imposing new laws and new norms, which make up oppression.

“War is for men: it stinks of testosterone and adrenaline! Ours is to preach peace and demand rights, without reflecting on whom our requests are directed.”
If you are a woman you must join the flock of the purple flag (be it with candles or torches) and abandon the war against all authority.

“Ours is to organize ourselves as women for our rights and if we vote for another woman to occupy a political position even better, we will not only be well represented but we will have an executioner to share with us those days of menstruation that will always make them more sensitive when they kick and imprison us.” Come on, having two tits always makes us sisters.

That is why we we ask for “Free, safe and free abortion” at marches, it is irrelevant who the recipient is. Not at all…you should not be so thoughtful either. Neither should we stop to think that with rights and laws we not only reaffirm the system of domination but that we provided a new mask to disguise the oppression.

“Radical” feminism has been recovered by domination!

The same happens in the “LGBT scene”, everything has been assimilated. The system of domination has recuperated the struggles. It has turned gays, lesbians and trans folks into activists and politicians. Now they are policemen, soldiers, deputies, senators, parents etc.

When we asked in the marches for “LGBT rights,” “equal marriage,” “right of adoption,” and “conjugal rights,” nobody stopped to think that with “rights and laws” we reaffirm the system of domination. The LGBT “struggle” is for reforming institutions not for destroying them. The new LGBT political order has become another machine for recovering the system of domination.

That is why we need to recover our destructive fury as anarchists without incremental steps, certain that our war is against all authority and in this task we will have to be decidedly violent, “beautifully violent, until everything bursts.” (3)

Let’s destroy everything that dominates and conditions us!

Anarchic solidarity with Anna, Silvia, Natascia, Lisa and Anahi!

Anarchic solidarity with all the fellow prisoners around the world!

Against the patriarchal civilization!

For control of our lives!
For the destruction of gender!
Because of the insurrectional anarchic tension!
For Anarchy!

Fire to all that exists!

F.B.I. (Féminas Brujas and Insurrectionalists)

Mexico City, Thursday, June 8, 2019

The original letter can be found in Spanish at

(1) In response to:


(3) “Arm yourself and be violent, beautifully violent, until everything bursts. Because remember that any violent action against these promoters of inequality is completely justified by the centuries of endless violence to which they have subjected us.” – Mauricio Morales

(via Anathema VOL IV ISSUE IV)

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