Nduga, West Papua: Indonesian Soldier Killed in Gun Battle with TPNPB Guerrillas

21.07.19: According to TNI (Indonesian Military) sources, one of their occupying soldiers was killed in a gun battle with TPNPB (National Liberation Army of West Papua) forces in Nduga region on Saturday.

The soldier, named as Usman Hambelo, was part of a unit guarding a bridge construction site who were ambushed by TPNPB forces. Hambelo was hit by a bullet in his waist and died a few hours later. A helicopter was unable to evacuate him due to poor weather.

The TNI had to call off their hunt for the guerrillas due to “dangerous ravines and dense jungle surrounding the area”.

The construction site the TNI were guarding was most likely a Istaka Karya site. Istaka Kartya are an Indonesian government-owned contractor who are attempting to build the Trans Papua Highway, a project that would devastate the Nduga region if completed.

(via Indonesian corporate media)

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