So-called Australia: Emergency Call for Support from the Djab Wurrung Embassy Land Defenders


‘when there is no justice in the court, there is just us!’

We have been advised by our lawyers today that our recent court process has failed. There is a noticeable build up of suspicious vehicles in the area and around the Major Road Projects base of operation. They may attempt to start works very shortly. Already supporters are making there way and we are strong.

We are calling on all supporters of the ‘sacred trees – sacred landscape’ Djab Wurrung Embassy campaign against the expansion of the Western Highway to converge ready for action and support roles IMMEDIATELY.

There is a need for everyone to come and defend the land and push back any police or machinery that may be soon attempting to enter the sites.

Sovereignty never ceded. This is Djab Wurrung land and we will defend it always.

This is not just about a small number of trees but a whole landscape of connection which is at risk. This is an act of Genocide, to attack the land is to attack our birthright, our culture and the continuation of our existence.

All we want is to re-route the freeway and drop the speed limit to protect our ancestor grounds, birthing trees, direction trees and culture. This is the front-line of defending culture and the living world.

Love and rage,
Djab Wurrung Embassy – Land Defenders.

(via Djab Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy)

More info: Supporting the Djab Warrung Embassy

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