Rome, Italy: International Animal Liberation Gathering 26-28 July 2019

An occasion to meet each other, to share analyses and skills and to discuss experiences and strategies in the fight against the oppression of animals and the destruction of their habitats. A fight that is part of the wider fight against every form of exploitation, oppression and authority, for total liberation.

This gathering wishes to connect individuals and small groups of like minded people working for animal liberation in a way that is radically different from that undertaken by the majority of animal right groups nowadays. Animal activist groups that lack wider politics, be it for political apathy or for well thought out choices, are becoming increasingly appealing to people with fascist, nationalist, sexist and racist views.

On the other side, in the last years a reformist approach that relies on mass media, on market capitalism and dialogue with the State spread in part of the animal rights movement. We will be talking about the situation in our countries and about how to rebuild a radical movement.

We would like the gathering to have a special focus on strategy and practical proposals in addition to the philosophical and theoretical discussions. We want it to be a place where to share our experiences, to find inspiration and see what is working or not in our territories concerning our efforts to incite once again an animal liberation struggle that is anarchist and intersectional. This gathering is in continuity with the European Animal Liberation Gathering which took place in Bilbao from 1 to 3 June 2018 and the previous ones in Bristol and Marseille [1].

The anarchist struggle for liberation from any form of authority and power is the frame into which we conceive the struggle for animal liberation. Many people would not define themselves as anarchist but are still opposed to hierarchy and domestication, we would love for these people to be part of the gathering.

We want to build a network where we can work collectively to build solidarity bonds and resist repression. The animal liberation struggle is for us strongly interconnected to other struggles for liberation (against patriarchy, homo/transphobia, racism, colonization, environmental destruction and so on) and needs to listen and connect with the people most affected by these oppressions and their struggle to build an inclusive movement that doesn’t reproduce the dominant hierarchies. Other important aspects that we want to talk about are the support for direct action and prisoners support.

We want this gathering to be completely self-organized. We will propose a couple of discussions but we want to leave the space for everybody to propose a debate. We especially encourage comrades and activists to participate and share their experiences of animal liberation struggles in their territory or their practical skills. If you want to propose a presentation please contact us with a short description of it.


[1] Bilbao 2018:
Bristol 2017:

(via International Animal Liberation Gathering 2019)

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