Germany: Solidarity Greetings from Potsdam to Rojava

In the predominantly Kurdish regions of northeastern Syria – Rojava – a political system of self-government has been established in recent years. They are organized via councils and assemblies where women play a central role, and are instrumental in shaping the community’s autonomy. These accomplishments are defended by the YPG and the women of the YPJ. It was necessary to expel the so-called Islamic State and its inhuman system and to take a stand against the attacks of the Turkish Army.

We antifascists and anti-capitalists declare our solidarity with the civilian and military organizations in Rojava. We stand behind ideas for a peaceful coexistence and a more just rule-free society.

But we also demand solidarity with Rojava from the City of Potsdam and civil society!

Fight fascism and capitalism – here and everywhere, because the fight for liberation is international!

Stop the criminalization of the Kurdish movement!

(via Deutschland Indymedia)

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