West Papua: TPNPB-OPM Call for Urgent Action on the Humanitarian Crisis in Nduga Region

17.07.19: TPNB-OPM (National Liberation Army of West Papua-Free Papua Movement) Central Command have issued a statement calling for urgent action regarding the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Nduga region in the Highlands of West Papua.

Since December 2018, the Nduga region has been the epicenter of clashes between TPNB-OPM and TNI (Indonesian National Armed Forces). The ongoing clashes are a result of the TNI’s Operasi Tumpas / Operation Annihilation, a genocidal program that aims to crush resistance, destroy communities and pave the way for the Trans Papua Highway that will run through the Nduga region.

The TPNB-OPM statement lists the crimes committed by the TNI including the looting and burning of homes, theft and destruction of household goods, theft and killing of livestock and the destruction of crops and gardens all of which has led to a refugee crisis due to people been forced out of their homes and villages. The statement is accompanied with photographic evidence of TNI crimes, which we have republished with this article.

The TPNB-OPM condemn the Indonesian government for covering up their crimes in Nduga region and the UN for remaining silent. They call on all those who are concerned about human rights to take action and call for immediate humanitarian intervention in Nduga region.

Background information about Operation Annihilation

(via West Papuan Human Rights Defenders)

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