‘Total Liberation’ – First Book From Anarchist Publishing Collective Signal Fire Out Soon

“It seems every generation thinks theirs will be the most remarkable, yet ours might just be the first that turns out to be right. To say this century is the most crucial our species has ever faced is actually an understatement: we’re dealing with the most significant crisis life in general has ever faced, even amidst billions of years of evolution.”

Introducing our first publication, in collaboration with Active Distribution:

Total Liberation offers a holistic revolutionary strategy aimed at dismantling all forms of hierarchy – an insurrectional project grounded in social ecology, deep ecology, and anti-speciesism. This pocketbook, released amidst a hot summer of rebellion, responds to that age-old question faced by all revolutionaries, yet posed with unrivalled urgency in the year 2019: what the fuck are we going to do!!?

This can be expected to arrive in radical bookshops in the UK and abroad over the next weeks, and will soon be available from the Active Distribution and AK Press websites, as well as to download for free online.

(via Signal Fire)

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