Iran: 3 Cops Killed by Revolutionary Armed Strugglers in Piranshahr

Revolutionary armed struggle comrades killed 3 cops and injured one of them in Piranshahr, Iran on July 9.

The event took place when a cop’s car was patrolling next to the terminal of Piranshahr, Iran. A group of revolutionary armed strugglers shot the cops who were inside the car.

From this event, 3 cops were killed and one was injured. From 2016-2017, some anarchist revolutionary armed strugglers were active against the regime and fascists in Shiraz, Iran too. The difference is that Piranshahr is next to the border, but Shiraz is one of the bigger and most important cities in the middle of Iran. After the short period of 2016-2017, there was no more armed struggling in important cities of Iran and mostly the comrades have done it in the cities which are next to the borders.

Since the beginning of the totalitarian Islamic regime of Iran, the anarchists, communists and socialists have taken part in many actions of armed struggle against the regime–sometimes they did it together and sometimes alone.

Iran is one of the places where armed struggle still exists and radical comrades recognize it as the only real solution that can change the situation.

(via Athens Indymedia)

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