Call for August to be a Month of Agitation in Memory of Santiago Maldonado

We invite for the month of August all the individuals and collectives that feel close to the fate of our comrade Santiago Maldonado, who was disappeared and murdered by the Argentine State.

From the 1st of August, let’s see our anger, our proposals for the conflict, and our unwavering resolve. Nothing has ended for us, we are sparks that can go on and off, but we will always be here.

Let’s unleash our beautiful creativities, actions, meetings, assemblies, marches, whatever we choose. That’s what our freedom is all about, that’s what it’s about remembering our fallen brothers and sisters.

Let anarchy overflow from the confines and margins of this disgusting society.

Neither martyrs nor heroes!
Active memory with our dead!
Long live anarchy!

(via Act For Freedom Now)

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