USA: “The Longest Night” by Noah Coffin, #1795167, Eastham Unit, Texas

Received on 17.07.19:

Being locked down in solitary confinement for the mandatory 90 days shake down might not seem all that much of a change of pace to those who have never been confined in such a way. We’re still in the same cell alone. We don’t get out to the dog kennel style cages for any recreation during the 2-4 week lock down. However that’s really no change either as Eastham Unit is constantly utilizing excuses as to why we are denied our right to outside rec. Their famously used one is that they’re “short of stuff”. While on lock down prisoners only get access to showers Monday, Wednesday & Friday. (So much for “cool down showers” in this horrid heat). The “meals” then consist of mostly bread. The “Johnny Sack” which arrives morning, noon and night will consist of a peanut butter sandwich, however the peanut butter is mixed with the kitchen syrup until it’s the consistency of a molasses. The way the sandwiches are prepared is they line the bread up in single file on the preparation surface, and the molasses/peanut butter is poured from a pitcher across the middle like a racing strip on a car. Another item will be in the sack like a hot dog & tortilla. Two or threes prunes at dinner maybe. At breakfast it’ll be the molasses/butter and the three prunes. With maybe a boiled egg. An anti-energy feeling. The change is a palpable one.

Each day of the lock down the segregated prisoners wait to be stripped naked, allowed to put on only boxers and marched to the dog kennel cages in cuffs where we wait while our cells are ransacked. The only rec we’ll get but it’s not enjoyed as each one of us wonders what will be taken or damaged. Not being present and returning to a cell in disarray, we’re often unaware of what’s damaged and taken until long after the staff has back-slapped and high-fived their way down the stairs to the their next victim. This is convenient for them as we’ll have virtually no chance to dispute a missing item. Family photos taken for spite. Addresses placed in neighbors cells. This to someone confined 24-7 to segregation & constantly worn down mentally and physically. By the extreme heat every summer and cold each winter is an effective tool of tyranny…

Summer time in this red brick oven is a sauna but with tropical humidity and filthy conditions. Night and day for 100 plus days in summer you sweat. Sleeping on the floor we drench ourselves in water only to wake bone dry in an outline of salt strain resembling, ironically, the chalk outline of a dead body…Each winter, the staff throw open the side doors 30 minutes before they begin to run rec. Then have us strip, do the lift ’em & the hokey pokey. Then put on only 1 pair of boxers as we’re cuffed and led by the staff in warm winter attire to our dog kennel in blistering cold.

Mail is held strategically to destroy morale and sever outside ties to any family, friends or contacts you might have. This completely isolates you and then you’re at their mercy. When nobody checks on you and nobody seems to care the light goes green to really turn it up. An example here is two years back in November 2017. A Jpay email was sent to me relating my grandmother’s introduction to hospice. She’d been given a week to live and my mother whom rarely writes was asking me if I could call to say goodbye. While a 5 min call is permitted every 90 days per behavior and “majors discretion” the jpay was held 8 days. (The policy states same day or within 3). When I requested the call it took 2 days to run calls on my cell block and just as they get to my cell, radios call a “use of force” and I’m again delayed. When I finally get a staff member to pull me out the call finds my mother crying in the funeral home at the wake … She couldn’t talk & was crying too much. I was told I will be able to call her the next day. The rank above the staff who pulled me out reprimanded him for doing so and I didn’t get the call again. I’ve been told outright that writing articles is why it’s hard to get me a phone call. Writing letters to a free person is a drag. It’s a chore and and a drain on their happy moments of free world living. When the mail slows down to them, they’ll slow down writing. The psychology term is that they’re feeling the “reward” of not being reminded of their loved one in hell. When the letters slow down enough, then they will intercept a letter and “lose” it. This can ultimately sever relationships. It’s a “If they wanted to hear from me they’d write” thing. It works.

I’ve been in the system since childhood, served over 8 yrs on this 15 and over 5 of them in solitary where I sit now. While this isn’t waterboarding it’s certainly torture. Just ask anyone who’s done solitary time in Texas. Sane men lose it in a matter of months. Poor spirited men (& women I’m sure) end it with the edge of a rusty razor blade or a sheet rope…often enough no one ever knows about these cases as they are targeted victims of a calculating & sinister monster. It takes a special kind of evil to kill using such tactics. A case I bring today is of “Miklo”. A tiny Hispanic with a small voice who clearly succumbed to mental illness. He would rant about talking to god and being told strange things about others. Just 21 years old, and I’m told his real name is Jose Sanchez. He has 3 years left on his prison term though he checked out early. Friday, June 14th at 3 AM, Miklo hung himself. This following a “use of force” hours before to remove him from his previous cell…Why? Maybe he was sick and tired of the heat and torture as the rest of us and dreading another horrid summer. Maybe the thought of Fathers day was the nudge that pushed him over the edge into the black oblivion which calls to the poor souls whom choose suicide. My hope is that someone out there thinks about Miklo. About a human being pushed far beyond his limits by this cruel system which is supposed to be run by the “good guys”. Then think of this – is this suicide, negligent homicide or tactical murder?

Lastly I want you to think of this – How many more will crumple under this system of torture before we fill the lawn up with protesters and flood their main office in Huntsville with enough backlash to end it? People come here with just a sentence of a few years and commit suicide. A Google or duckduckgo search of Eastham would reveal the previous story of a young man serving only 3 but hung himself just months after being held in this state of torture. It’s real people!! Those who endure it forever carry the effects of prolonged isolation with them which in essence is a life sentence. Many cannot function again in society and return to the fetid maw of Texas justice, so that they could finish what they started.

This isn’t a new occurrence, and this system has been operating for as long as any prison existed. The difference now is that there’s people paying attention. There’s you, the people who say enough is enough. Don’t let the death of Miklo or any other fall silently into the nightmare of Texas justice. is the website I believe. People all over the globe should flood them with questions of why so many mentally ill people commit suicide in the their seg. & what’s more – why do they continue to create mental illness by the use of prolonged solitary confinement? My hope is that my exposé work is not in vain. These articles come at a price and each one puts me in danger. I’ve been threatened. My mail gets “lost”. My food is reduced. My property taken or destroyed. This is real, people. These are malicious monsters and each day I wonder if it’s the one they throw me down the stairs in handcuffs for fighting them with these exposés.

Brothers and sisters, I rely on your support. Each letter that goes through the mail room in solitary tells them I’m connected. That’s as good as a shield and while they’ll keep attacking my property and my psychology, it’ll keep them wary of physical violence. I need you. I’ve got about 6 yrs left and I need to have people who will call & email if they don’t hear from me. I need solidarity and I need to get this stuff out. Thank you all for your humanity in an inhuman world where the powerful reign and the elite corrupt.



Eastham Unit

2665 Prison Road #1


TX 75851

You may also contact Noah via JPay


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