Asheville, USA: Sabotage Action Against Bank Investing in ICE

In the early hours of the morning of July 11th in so-called Asheville, NC, a PNC bank branch ATM had its card slot super-glued shut and its screen defaced. This is a small gesture taken in response to the call for a week of action against ICE profiteers. The only “crisis at the border” is the crisis of sickening trauma and deadly violence imposed on black and brown folks by the State where an imaginary line has been drawn. The real-life consequences of that line however, are very real…

Solidarity to those who made this call, those who put in the time and work to support our immigrant brother and sisters, and those who act out against the state and the violence it both perpetrates and profits from.

Fuck borders and fuck all those who profit from their violence.

-An anarchist

(via It’s Going Down)

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