Berlin, Germany: End SUVs Campaign – 2 SUVs Torched

“Our world is on fire but they ignore us! Perhaps we can make them listen by setting fire to their SUVs”: We read the communique from Cologne claiming responsibility for the destruction of 4 SUVs in good spirits and made our way through the concrete and glass urban jungle looking for similar targets and on the night of the 7th-8th of July we attacked in Berlin-Mitte.

Not only because:

*SUVs have high energy consumption (on the highway at full capacity they can use 30 liters of super or 35 kilowatt hours of electricity per kilometer) or

*the number of newly registered pseudo off-road vehicles for 2019 is 1.05 million, accounting for 31.3% of total registrations (in 1995 SUVs had a market share of only 2%, corresponding to 68,000 newly registered vehicles per year) or

*They deplete resources with climate damaging effect…

But above all, from the realization that we can only make changes ourselves. We could certainly pick out even more statistics regarding the harm caused by SUVs, but these are just an expression of an exploitative capitalist system based on imperialist production, lifestyles, growth and social inequality. These vehicles serve to flaunt status and wealth in stark contrast with those who cannot afford them. These are symbols that we attack.

We make no demands. We do not ask the grey gentlemen of politics for climate-friendly laws, which only serve to silence the justified anger against this destructive system. We continue our fight for a world based on solidarity, for a free, vibrant and self-organized life.

In this case, we also find it unproblematic that as well as the two expensive Landrover and VW SUVs, that two other cars in the private car park were damaged. The two incendiary devices were for the CO2 neutralization of the SUVs, the extra damage is in response to the social war that is being waged from the yuppie quarter around the new BND (Federal Intelligence Service) center. And who knows…maybe some of their agents are housed close to their workplace.

The end of SUVs will be felt!

(via Deutschland Indymedia)

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