Hamburg, Germany: In Memory of our Friend Jakob!

09.07.19: Some knew him well, others never met him personally, others knew him only before or after his decision to go to the mountains of Kurdistan.

We have deep respect for his decision to use his whole life to fight for freedom and a better life for all people.

In a tradition of many internationalists who have fought, lived and still lead the fight today!

As necessary as it is to organize ourselves collectively, it is also important to come together to commemorate and remember our resistance history, to be there for each other, to get to know each other and to share our ideas, experiences and feelings.

We call on you to come to Hamburg on the 10th of July and to commemorate with us Jakob Riemer aka Şehîd Şîyar Gabar, who died in the mountains of Kurdistan one year ago on the 9th of July.

We will ensure that the fallen will never be forgotten, we will make sure that their fight and our fight will continue!

Şehîd namirin!

(via Deutschland Indymedia)


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