Liancourt, France: 3 Personal Cars of Prison Officials Torched After Prisoner Protest

Three personal cars of Liancourt Prison officials were set on fire on July 4, the day after a protest by prisoners there.

Three cars belonging to prison officials were burned on Thursday, in the middle of the night, in the car park of the Liancourt prison. The hooded militants climbed a fence before throwing smoke bombs in the passenger compartment of the vehicles around 3.40am, and successfully completed their mission without capture.

Some time earlier, on Wednesday evening, about 40 prisoners had refused to return to their building for over an hour. The protesters, some of whom will be punished by the pig authorities, were protesting against the stopping of “passages” between cells.

In the face of the increasingly arbitrary and cruel treatment of prisoners, militant action by revolutionaries outside prisons can support the prison rebels on the inside.

(via Attaque and ANF)

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