Switzerland: 30 Refugees on Hunger Strike at the Red Cross Bunker in Camorino

03.07.19: In the asylum camp in Camorino about 30 refugees went on hunger strike. The canton’s decision to close the asylum camp during the day triggered the protest. The camp will be closed from 9 am to 6 pm. Here is the announcement of the refugee activists:

New, shocking and unacceptable laws are introduced against refugees in Switzerland. The canton and the Red Cross are in the process of imposing new regulations on the refugees, forcing them to leave the camp against their will at 9.00 am and return at 6.00 pm.

We refugees have decided to refuse this order of the canton because we know that they push us against the wall: They want to force us to do something extraordinary, giving them the opportunity to deport us from Switzerland. This is just a dirty policy against civilian and threatened refugees who are persecuted in their countries of origin.

They have already put us in a state of depression. What more does the Red Cross want to do with us? They always find a new way to harass us by creating obstacles and laws and unpleasant problems. They threatened to call the police. If harassment is a crime, why is it allowed to harass refugees in Switzerland?

We are tired of the employees behaving like this. But we will not do anything wrong to harm ourselves or others, so the Red Cross will find a reason to be harder. We have decided to resist this injustice. We will not leave the camp according to this enforced and prescribed schedule, even if they call the police. We are not doing anything illegal. We start a hunger strike and refuse to eat. We protest against this illogical imposition of senseless laws. We ask you all to join us in opposing this inhuman decision by the canton and the Red Cross.

(via Barrikade)

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