Santiago, Chile: Responsibility Claim for Incendiary Devices in Cars by Antagonistic Cells of the New Urban Guerrilla

During the teacher’s march on June 20th, in the midst of clashes with police forces, small incendiary devices were placed above the wheels of two cars. This was an individualistic and savage action, an act of war against the anthropocentric civilization.

We steal some words by the comrades from the Terrorist Guerrilla Group, the CCF to “use the protest manifestations as a Trojan horse…causing chaos in the ritualized daily life of organized boredom:.

Come on comrades, from the combative minority, let’s put our plans of destruction into practice and with urban guerrilla tactics let’s bring chaos to the heart of the metropolis.

After this action an antisocial war against civilization is spread.

A greeting to the young comrades, their courage is beautifully violent. We also greet the urban guerrillas of the past / present / future. To criminals, who are the true revolutionaries. And to the weichafes and their sacred war in the Wallmapu.


(via Contra Info)

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