For general inquiries or non-action related submissions you can contact us at anarchistsworldwide(at)riseup(dot)(net) – however, it is still highly recommended that you use a VPN (Riseup have a free one here) and the Tor browser while doing so (download Tor browser here). For extra security you can encrypt your email using our public PGP key, which you can download here.

For submitting action reports, it is extremely important that you read and adhere to the following guidelines….

  • Always use a VPN and the Tor browser
  • Use an anonymous one-off email address for your submission – it is possible to use protonmail to create one – so long as you never use it again – but we recommend using a disposable temporary email address from Guerrilla Mail.
  • Be sure to include all relevant information in your action report – what took place, where, why etc and include any relevant media – photos – videos etc
  • If sending any media to accompany your report be sure to strip it of all metadata – this is extremely important! For removing metadata from photos we recommend the free program EXIF-Purge – you can download it here.
  • Never include any identifying information such as names, nicknames etc in your report or in the email you send to us.
  • Never ask questions when sending us an action report – for security reasons we never reply to action report submissions.
  • Always encrypt your email using our public PGP key (download here)
  • Send action reports to anarchistsworldwide(at)riseup(dot)(net)
  • We are able to translate most languages – but keep in mind that our main / spoken language is English, so please try and keep your report as clear and as concise as possible to make translation easier.

For people who are unfamiliar with PGP encryption, a basic guide for beginners can be found here. For general security both online and offline, we recommend this guide written by Anarchist Black Cross Dresden. Sprout Distro have also released a number of zines pertaining to security culture that we highly recommend, these can be read or downloaded from here.