Anarchists Worldwide is an internationalist-focused translation and counter-info project dedicated to the spreading of the Insurrectionary Anarchist Perspective with a special emphasis on the necessity and the urgency of the ATTACK against the State, Capital and all forms of oppression. We also focus on news and information concerning other struggles we feel an affinity with – these struggles may not be strictly anarchist, however we feel that they are still worth focusing on as we can learn a lot from them as anarchists – particularly Indigenous / anti-colonial resistance. We also feel that it is important to be open to new perspectives / ideas / tactics and not to be limited by the constraints of the anarchist ghetto. We welcome submissions – action reports, news of events, theory, analysis etc – check our contact page for submission details.

Anarchists Worldwide are not involved with any of the actions we report on, nor is our publication of actions necessarily an endorsement of them. All action reports are either submitted to us anonymously, or translated and / or re-posted from elsewhere on the internet (source is generally listed at the end of each post). Anarchists Worldwide are not able to put journalists or media organizations in contact with the authors of actions that have been posted on our blog – all such inquiries to us are ignored so please don’t waste your time or ours by making these types of requests. 

Anarchists Worldwide do not publish submissions that contain homophobic / transphobic / racist / sexist or in any way oppressive content, nor do we publish submitted actions that have resulted in deliberate / indiscriminate death or injury to non-combatants / civilians.