International Call for a Subversive, Dissident and Anarcho-Feminist March

From Somewhere: Call for a Subversive, Anarcho-Feminist and Dissident March

This society is structured from diverse chains of oppression that intersect, we understand that only radical confrontation is capable of ending each one of them. These heavy chains have the patriarchy as one of their main bases. That’s why we are calling for a subversive, anarcho-feminist and dissident March.

We see the confrontation against patriarchy not as a partial struggle, the destruction of authority in its multiple dimensions cannot be separated from the constant questioning of and confrontation with macho forms and behaviors. March has historically been a combative month and we intend to keep it that way.

We are critical of the hegemonic positions of social democratic feminism, which marginalizes and excludes non-regulated sexualities and bodies. Genders are imposed social constructions of which we are not interested in being a part of, we appeal to a complete deconstruction of our ways of seeing ourselves and relating to each other…without rules of what we want to be.

At the same time we do not see the anti-patriarchal struggle as being distant from an anti-speciesist practice. The exercise of dominion is transversal to all species, so the liberation has to be total. In the same way we face the oppressions that rationalized bodies experience.

We summon to this month all the individualities and/or collectives to join the confrontation against any institution, symbolic or material representation that raises and/or represents and/or propagates male domination. We begin this month of anti-patriarchcal and anarchist struggle, which like so many others will take to the streets, not to celebrate, nor to ask for rights or equality.

We are freely associated anti-authoritarians, we distance ourselves from any group, collective or coordinating petitioner that advocates reforming the current system of domination, we don’t demand anything from any type of institution, we are not interested in the humanization of capitalism. From those who have the monopoly on power and violence we only want their destruction. Changes in our lives will come from us mutually supporting each other among equal partners. Sisterhood seen from a perspective that emphasizes with anyone who identifies as a woman does not interest us, our solidarity is with our comrades who walk on the same side of the barricades, social or psychological determinisms in terms of gender are not a reason to form any kind of comradeship. Those who choose to exercise authority as police and/or judges in whatever form, immediately become our enemy and we do not care about the social, biological or psychological conditions of these women.

This day, March 8, we call on all marginalized people, those of us who have moved away from reformist, citizen and pacifist positions, to form a dissident anarcho-feminist black bloc. Comrades, let’s take the streets, let’s fill them propaganda and anti-authoritarian actions, validating the beautiful practice of political violence.



(via Contra Info, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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Italy: Against the Quarantine of Passions, the Social Epidemic

Against the Quarantine of Passions, the Social Epidemic

In these days a new nightmare is spreading: the contagion from the so-called Coronavirus. Ten villages in the Lodi area, considered as the outbreak of the infection, and one village in the Veneto region, where the first death from the virus occurred, have been placed under quarantine. This means no possibility for people to move around and leave their homes. Throughout Lombardy, power forces people to limit their social mobility. From the closure of the meeting places to the curfew, the step is short. Prisoners of themselves and something imperceptible to the human eye, the pastoral government has even ordered through a flash decree to close the streets and reinforced the garrison of police and army, intimating that if someone does not comply with state orders they could also face arrest. A social epidemic, power can only respond with repression and surveillance. The hunt for the anointer has begun.

A new spectre looms around us and its strength is its presumed medical truthfulness and the power to erase in a flash all other spectres invisible to the human eye. Bizarrely, when we talk about fast death, the social epidemic becomes urgent. When death settles into life, everything returns to the world of catastrophe. Isn’t there an emergency when the places where we live become unbreathable from industrialization and from the machine-world?

No emergency when GMO necro-cultures devastate the air we breathe and the food we eat? No emergency even when we are still eating from radioactive soil contaminated by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986? And Fukushima, where nuclear technicians in that area announce that the only way to stop the radioactivity in progress is by dumping the waste into the ocean?

With this epidemic, it seems that the certainties of the experts have collapsed in 24 hours. And when certainties fall, chaos is around the corner.

Aphorisms about disaster

This is the first globalized epidemic. Not global mind you, but globalized. There have always been epidemics that have crossed continents, spread like wildfire, caused death and pain.

This, however, is the first viral epidemic that crosses a world in which individuals are increasingly similar to each other, living conditions increasingly standardized, consumption habits standardized.

What is the ecological role of the disease? In this era of experts, where the main place is reserved for supposed medical science, little is being done about this issue. Where COP21 has failed, 2019n-CoV could succeed. Disease, and the death resulting from it, are escaped only in a world that has made mythology of the perpetuation of itself. Once cannot think that in places where millions of people live amassed, abusing antibiotics and junk food, these phenomena do not occur. The ecological question also finds a solution in the quantitative decrease of human beings, as well as on the necessary qualitative transformation of their lives.

After all, how do we differ from Pinne nobilis? These amiable relatives of the mussels lived happily in the immense underwater prairies of Posidonia ocenanica. The human being destroyed the prairies where they lived, fished them for souveniers and opened new ways of communication across the seas (Suez Canal). Now a bacterium is exterminating the few remaining individuals.

Or are we like Irish potatoes, all the same, grown in intensive monoculture? Hectares of potatoes, clones of other potatoes, with the same characteristics, the same weak points. All it takes is a parasite to wipe them out.

The geneticist Lewontin wonders in his book Biology as Ideology: was it a bacterium that caused the explosion of tuberculosis in the nineteenth century or was it the living conditions in the factories?

They tell us not to leave home, not to embrace the people we love, which borders or roads we cannot go beyond. They tell us that we risk our lives. But what life? Maybe the non-life that we had previously endured, in which the quarantine was the cabin of our minivan stopped on the ring road? Or was it the isolation in the apartment, the very cell of a huge concrete hive?
When it is possible only telework and socializing passes entirely through the internet, the antennas and what feeds them becomes a necessary condition for maintaining social order in the face of the disorder of dreams.

Eduardo De Fillipo, in Millionaire Naples, wrote that to recover from the war it was necessary to survive after the war. Adda passà a nuttata, she sighed, referring to her sick daughter. We too live in the midst of a disease, a tumor growth that affects relations between human beings and the environment around them. State, Capital, Technical System. Fever is the body’s reaction to an external invasion. Can a possibility for liberation pass from fever?

When you hear the bleating wolf, if you are a sheep, worry. Power does not care about our happiness, it cares that we continue to produce, to live within the patterns of exploitation and survival. When the state asks for cooperation that you find desertion wonderful.

Many civilizations have been destroyed by disease. The more complex a civilization is and imposes discipline in order to survive the more fragile it is. While the army and the police guard the sick, the nerves remain uncovered. To block this society, to interrupt its supply lines is a very understandable and desirable gesture: in the face of the abyss of ecological disaster and daily annihilation, the possibilities remain desires that we can finally find a way to express. And block our social role of not being able to do anything about it.

What remains when the state fails? What remains when trust in the state is lost? What remains when the state has to shoot its subjects who don’t want to be locked up in quarantine areas? What happens when the state proves unable to govern and protect? The possibility. Caracremada ran alone in the Pyrenees chasing the possibility of the overthrow of Franco’s dictatorship, we could one day find ourselves locked up with other individuals to face the disease on one side and the state on the other.

Re-passionate life

The language that can no longer express itself is still understandable. It interrupts oblivion. Faced with the most discouraging of deserts, the forest of knowledge and perspective. Each construction is a simulacrum of debris and its form is nothing new. For this reason the forms must be destroyed.

Launtréamont said that poetry could be made by all, not by one. Science, instead, can only be the bulwark of experts. That’s why poetry is the absolute rejection of science. And this is a fundamental step to go in search of the gold of the time against the commodification of survival in quarantine, restoring its spontaneity to thought. Beyond the horror, everything is imaginable.

To quote Breton:

Choose life with its conspiratorial sheets
Its scars from escapes
Choose life choose that rose window on my tomb
The life of being here nothing but being here
Where one voice says Are you there where another answers Are you there
I’m hardly here at all alas
And even when we might be making fun of what we kill
Choose life

from the areas of the virus and beyond, some survivors of the breaking waves

(via Round Robin, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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Spanish State: Destroy What Oppresses You

Assemblies, occupations, direct actions, demonstrations…are increasingly mediated by new technologies. Thus our emotions, experiences, feelings, meetings, relationships…in anarchic environments are conditioned by these technologies. Giving place to these spaces and places to follow the logic of the techno-industrial society: immediacy, superficialization, efficacy, order, efficiency…without a doubt the system has colonized our spaces and times of struggle. To break with all this, to meet again and fight in the streets, without virtual spaces, without the tyranny of image and immediacy without the possibility. To stop and think, to criticize, to attack, to live without the agony of speed. For anarchic relations without mediations or technologies. To change our way of understanding the world in order to destroy it.

Death to progress and long live anarchy!

Destroy what oppresses you.
Against social networks, new technologies and their world.

The use of social networks and technologies mediatizes our lives, conditions our way of seeing and understanding the world, modifies space-time turning it into virtual, commodifies and superficializes social relations by atomizing us even more. All this takes us away from our dream of freedom, turns us into alienated beings and modified according to the needs of the industrial world. All this is not a neutral process. It is a conditioning of the techno-industrial system so that the programmed world functions at full speed, is efficient, effective, superficial, virtualized and fragmented. There is no place for “alternative social networks” as they have exactly the same characteristics. We must destroy their world, go out into the streets, take back our lives, fight for real social relations far from any technological and authoritarian mediation.

Death to progress and long live anarchy!

(via Contra Info, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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Europe: Activists Relocate Denmark-Germany Border Fence

26.02.2020: Tonight, we removed 22meters of the fence along the Denmark-Germany border near the village Ellhöft (Ellehoved), the nature reserve “Schwans- und Kranichmoor” and the region Töndern (Tønder). We placed some dismantled elements of the fence in Flensburg (Flensborg), Süderlügum (Sønder Løgum), Ellhöft (Ellehoved) and Kiel. Attached to it are information about the wild boar fence, its nationalist and racist symbolic character and the problems caused by pig farming. We bring forward why a world without borders would be a better world and show photos of other borders. People passing by can also read which animal species are particularly affected by the ecological consequences of the barrier. We invite all people to make up your own mind of the action.

Coordinates of the free border crossing point:

54°54’08.6″N 8°56’56.4″E

Places of exhibition:

Community hall Ellhöft: Dorfstraße 18, 25923 Ellhöft

Nielsen supermarket: Hauptstraße 50, 25923 Süderlügum

Nordertor Flensburg: Norderstraße 138, 24939 Flensburg

Kiel, Rathausplatz


National borders are becoming increasingly fortified, monitored and militarized around the world and across Europe. Recently, a fence was put up along the Denmark-Germany border. Its purpose is officially to stop the spread of the African swine fever to protect the Danish pig industry. But what makes the pig industry vulnerable to the disease is factory farming and that the virus spreads rapidly through long transports of meat and animals. Apart from the fence being useless for its official purpose, it creates a dangerous barrier for the local wildlife and enforces nationalistic ideologies.

By taking down the fence, we want to encourage everyone to think beyond national borders and move across them as if they weren’t there. We as a society and resisting people cannot let restrictions such as this symbolic fence stand. Get your screw wrench (size 10), a bolt cutter and join in! Together, we can tear down border barriers, switch off surveillance cameras at the official crossings and protest against racist controls. We have to stand by those who are at greater risk and facing violence, like the refugees trying to cross the Serbo-Hungarian border who were threatened with shootings just two weeks ago. We have to question what borders are meant to protect – be it allegedly superior values or economic interests. Although people in Germany and Denmark eat less meat these days, the animal industry is still growing. It causes nitrate pollution and damages the climate of Earth. Of the pigs which are slaughtered in Germany and Denmark, almost 20% in Germany and around 90% in Denmark are killed for export. Much of the meat goes to China. The pigs are crowded together in increasingly large farms. As long as they suffer from a lack of space, sometimes lying in their excrements, incapable of standing under their excessive body weight, exhausted, with weak immune systems and fed preemptively with medication, no fence can prevent epidemic outbreaks. Even the FLI (Federal Research Institute for Animal Health) points out that the main risk is human behavior. The virus is carried hundreds of kilometers in dead bodies of infected pigs, for example in raw sausages. It sticks under the soles of shoes and in the grooves of car tires and it can be introduced by hunting tourism.

Furthermore, the location of the new wild boar fence is rather odd: There are almost no wild boars in the region. At the time when the Danish Parliament decided to build the fence in 2018, infected pigs had never been found within 700 km of the border area. But if transmitted directly (that is from wild boar to wild boar), the virus can only spread up to 20 km a year.

In contrast, the symbolic character of the fence perfectly matches increasing agitation and hatred towards migrants. Since 2016, border checks are carried out on all major northbound roads. These checks were officially announced as only temporary, but have become even more severe since then. Identity checks are also carried out randomly (which means based on racist criteria) on buses, trains and at ferry docks. Around 30 to 50 people are rejected to cross the border every week. Armed soldiers have also been deployed at the checkpoints since 2017. Added to this were the automatic video-scan of all license plates at every road crossing the border, irregular checks by the police both from police cars and civil cars, and monitoring from the air.

Therefore, the idea of closing the Denmark-Germany border with a fence must have risen from nationalist fantasies. The underlying mindset turns out to be deeply racist: Immigrants from certain parts of the world are not thought of as or treated as people. Danish nationalists want to exclude them with a fence designed for wild boars. The last government had plans to isolate unwanted refugees on the tiny island of Lindholm. So far, the island is closed off because it has been used to research dangerous animal diseases with infected animals. The ex-foreign minister Inger Støjberg (asshole) wanted to make the living conditions in the planned deportation camp “as unbearable as possible”.
As the countries of the world seal themselves off, ecological problems are growing that can only be solved together across land and ocean. In fact, fences are an ecological problem in many ways. Worldwide, the distances that animals travel are more and more restricted: by roads, railway lines and national border barriers. If animals cannot migrate, this prevents genetic exchange and makes them sick. Some need to migrate seasonally or wander to adapt to climate changes. Thereby, they transport plant seeds and biomass.

About eight km east of where we have removed the fence, there is a small forest on both sides of it. The nature reserve “Schwans- und Kranichmoor” is a few kilometers to the south. Deer are often seen in the surrounding fields. At the border-parallel ditch called Süderau (Sønderå), footprints testify animals crossing here. They are not used to being disturbed by the sociopolitical border. Near here, none of the holes for hedgehog-sized small animals can be found. Only 20 of these small holes are distributed over 70 km of fence length. Several deer and a red deer got injuries because of the fence. The barrier can also have a problematic effect on otters, foxes, wolves and golden jackals.

The people who live here resist through art, petitions and demos.

We find it logical to remedy the € 8 million “material damage” ourselves!
For freedom of movement for all (beings)!

(via Deutschland Indymedia)

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Istanbul, Turkey: Revenge Units Attack Fascist Workplace

25.02.2020: The Şehit Sakine Cansız Revenge Unit  have claimed responsibility for an arson attack against a workplace owned by fascists in Istanbul.

In a written communique, the Revenge Unit stated: “On 23 February 2020, a workplace belonging to fascists was set on fire in Ümraniye, Tepeüstü District.”

The Revenge Unit added that “serious damage was caused to the workplace and its vehicles,” and warned: “All places, including the houses of these collaborators, are our targets.”

The group stated that their actions will continue with “determination” until the isolation against Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan is lifted and Öcalan is freed.

(via ANF English & Nûçe Ciwan)

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Most, Czech Republic: Fenix 2 Trial – The Sixth Hearing is on 09.03.2020

On Monday the 9th of March at 8:30 a.m. there will take place the next hearing of Fenix 2 at the court in Most. This time, there will be present witnesses and the experts who elaborated their opinions on this topics:

Just for reminding, the trial is against four anarchists and one environmentalist and they face to 3-10 years of prison. Show support to the accused ones by being present at the court or by any other solidarity action.

(via Anti-Fenix)

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The Hague, The Netherlands: Mexico Femicide State – Mexican Embassy Attacked with Red Paint

Received on 26.02.2020:

A solidarity action with women in Mexico has taken place in the Hague. Early in the morning of Feb 25, we marked the Mexican embassy with red paint, symbolizing the blood of the countless women that have been murdered.

In Mexico, an average of 10 women are killed every day, which is an increase of 3 compared to 7 per day in 2017, according to the Mexico office of UN Women. Mexico has the second highest rate of trans women being murdered in the world and sex-workers are also disproportionately targeted.

The murders of a 25-year-old woman and a 7-year-old girl in Mexico City have shocked the nation this month. Ingrid, 25, was stabbed, skinned, eviscerated and photos of her mutilated body were published in a newspaper. The girl, Fátima, was abducted from school, police officers delayed searching for her and later her body was found wrapped in a plastic bag.

These murders have triggered a rise of near-daily street protests, disruption of public services, fury on social media and demands for government actions against femicides -the crime of killing women or girls because of their gender-.

However, president Andrés Manuel López Obrador does not know how to respond to the issue and shows little patience for those who questioned him about the government’s commitment to fighting gender-based violence. In Mexico City, not much is done either. The government is more focused on cleaning graffities demanding justice and on using the police force to face women protesters, rather than acknowledging that the authorities are passive, complicit or even abusive toward women who try to report violence.

Met with such obstacles and forced to fend for themselves, women in Mexico do what they can to protect their own life and the lives of women around them. They are forming groups to demand justice and learn self-defense, to question long-held macho culture and to push the government into action.

Women are the ones who continue pointing out that the government, media and all other patriarchal institutions have an outstanding debt to them, a historical debt. This dept consists of a lot of damage that needs compensation and the guarantee of non-repetition. Until this dept is paid, women will fight for the dignity of all, for calling their names without violence or sorrow.

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Germany: Liberate Or Die – A Week of AntiSpeciesist Action and Skillshare 20-25 May 2020



20th – 25th May, Hambacher Forst.

The third edition of Liberate or Die: From Cage to Freedom will aim to open a space in which we can come together, share skills, and attack speciesism. As before, the gathering will take place in the Hambacher Forst occupation, a focal point of anti-capitalist and climate justice resistance across Europe.


Aside from just sharing skills, every day of the gathering will be a day of action in which we can put new knowledge into practice. We want to motivate people to initiate actions autonomously, without seeking permission from mainstream/reformist organisations. There will be a range of possible actions depending on your particular interests and risk levels. Some actions may be suggested, but you are invited to come up with plans for yourselves and act spontaneously.


We want to emphasise the interconnections between antispeciesism and all other struggles against oppression. That means bearing in mind different privileges that we hold and maintaining a space which aims to challenge all hierarchies and further total liberation – something that will also be reflected in the workshops offered. This is not a space for those with racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. views who have infiltrated some animal rights groups over recent years.


You don’t have to pay to attend! Even if donations are welcome, we believe people shouldn’t have to pay for anything. This event can be hosted for free because we self-organize – everyone attending is part of the crew, and is encouraged to take part in the maintenance of the gathering. If you see a job it’s yours!


The gathering will take place in an autonomous land occupation. That means collectively taking care of the forest ecosystem – keep to the paths, pick up your trash, respect the wild. It also means keeping an eye out for intrusion from the state. Participants should be aware of the likelihood of intervention by cops, whether covertly or in uniform. Information will be shared on arrival on legal rights and how to deal with the filth.

Let us know if you have ideas for workshops or other questions.

More info and list of workshops to follow.

Spread the word and stay wild!!

(via Unoffensive Animal)

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Civilization And Its Epidemics

The life-saving successes of modern medicine are frequently cited in order to challenge anarchists who are critical of civilization. What the champions of medical science ignore, however, are the dangerous failures of this type of medicine.

Most recently, the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledged that antibiotics are proving useless for a growing number of diseases. According to the CDC, antibiotic resistance will become a bigger killer than cancer by 2050. Currently, over 23,000 people in the U.S. die each year from antibiotic-resistant infections.

The first annual report by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, released in 2019, warned that there are “increasingly dire risks” of epidemics that could spread around the world, potentially killing tens of millions of people. The report cites the climate crisis, rising migration, urbanisation, and lack of water as the main reasons that such diseases are spreading faster. Since then, the new coronavirus has already killed over 1,486 people as of mid-February (the numbers are likely much higher than what has been reported so far).

As noted above, the lethal nature of such epidemics is enabled, rather than prevented, by what capitalist civilization called “progress”. Globalization – the result of capitalism’s need to expand into more and more of the world – has increased our mobility, incentivized people to pack themselves ever more tightly in cities, and further encroached on wild animals’ territories, all of which encourage the spread of disease. Global pandemics will worsen as long as we continue such practices.

While viruses that originate in already marginalized black and brown regions of the world tend to get the most attention, it’s actually the common flu that is likely to cause the most deaths. Around 50 millions people died in 1918-1919 from the Spanish flu; public health experts called it “the worst pandemic in modern history”.

Strengthening our health and wellness is extremely important, but that is not the goal of the modern medical industry. That industry developed in the early stages of capitalism to take power away from women and other traditional holistic healers, bestowing authority on “experts” with little understanding of the human body and whose studies are influenced, consciously or not, by the needs of global capitalism. Health and happiness are, however, the goal of most anarchists. Anarchists are champions of life – not of prolonging one’s existence, but of deepening our health and happiness to the fullest.

The project of moving towards a healthy and happy society – one in which balance and relationship between living beings is restored – cannot happen in the context of “civilization”. Civilization is defined by its unsustainability, the need of one group to exploit another for its survival, which leads at best to alienation and at worst to death. The solution to the worsening state of the world’s health cannot be found in the industries that produced it; we must carve out our own paths towards physical and spiritual well-being.

(originally appeared in Anathema VOL. VI ISSUE II)

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USA: Support Queer Anarchist Prisoner Michael Kimble

Michael Kimble is a passionate freedom fighter who has been held captive by the Alabama Department of Corrections for nearly 33 years. After defending himself during a homophobic attack by a known white supremacist in 1987, Michael was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. His trial was typical of what could be expected from a racist criminal justice system in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Since his conviction, Michael has been fervently involved in efforts to free himself and others, assisting in legal defense for fellow inmates, organizing reading groups and Black History events, speaking up for queer folks behind bars, and helping to organize and agitate alongside the Free Alabama Movement for the historic national prison strike of September 2016.

The Alabama prison system has recently come under fire from the federal government for its abhorrent conditions, and Holman Prison, where Michael is incarcerated, is being decommissioned and largely shut down. In this context, many Alabama prisoners have been successfully challenging the length of their original sentences. A group of Michael’s supporters on the outside have recently joined forces to hire a new legal team to help him push for a sentence reduction. Given the amount of time already served, we are hoping this could result in his release.

All the money raised will go directly towards filing motions for sentence reduction, and anything left over will be used to support Michael’s day to day life inside with things like stamps, books, and commissary funds. Fingers crossed, we’ll also be raising money to support Michael once he joins us on the outside.

For more information, check out this awesome interview with Michael from a few years back, his statement ( about reactions on his unit to the Ferguson uprising, as well as his blog.

Until Every Cage is Empty,

– Michael Kimble Support Crew


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Santiago, Chile: Communique About the Attack Against Extreme Right-Wing Groups

Attack on far-rights groups Saturday February 22nd, 2020

We start this communique by greeting all those who ate our blows and fists hahaha.

On Saturday the 22nd, the Nazis called for a march on the El Golf Metro Station, in the sound of rejection, we will make it clear that we do not approve nor do we reject, but we are against hate speech from the bourgeois class, racism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.

Although we were not many compañerxs we all know each other’s eyes (you know what), we arrived at El Golf and the situation was half complex, identity controls, infiltrated police, and of course a police guard for the fascists.

Our cunning was quicker and in the blink of an eye we met and decided on our objective.

We went down to the Salvador Metro, where these perkines were supposed to arrive. But the police and fascists didn’t count on us moving faster, so they decided to go down to the Tobalaba Metro and return to their luxurious homes in El Golf. We were already there with a clear objective, when they suddenly warned us that a group of fachos was coming up Alameda. Boom, everyone is happy with their hands moving by themselves.

A few minutes later the perkines arrive, all of them anxious to make the street smaller, when suddenly a firecracker is heard (directed at them obviously) and there we all jumped them with what we had in our hands, 3 fascists (“brave”) were the ones who stayed to defend themselves, one of them seemed to be made of stone, he was hit many times but did not fall down. Until suddenly the police escort arrived, the motorcycles of the yuta, each one of them now free to run to where they wanted, while we ran from the police siege we found more fascists and we made them run in fear, dropping their flags and their disgusting propaganda. After a few minutes the various individuals decided to gather in the center of Plaza Dignida and laugh at the fascist propaganda, a day marked by the spontaneity and speed of everyone.

Once we beat them to the street we did not let them pass. Last Saturday we waited for them wherever they wanted, because even though we were few, we beat them to a pulp.


subversive anonymity we are still on the warpath

(via Contra Info, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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Berlin, Germany: Reflections on the Occupation of the Greek Consulate on 23.12.2019

On 23.12.2019, we tried to interrupt the normal operation with a symbolic occupation of the Greek consulate in Berlin, After several, also brutal, evacuations of occupations in Greece, we decided to set a sign of solidarity on this way. Even though the action was successful, we decided to publish our collective reflections here to give the chance to follow the whole action and our thoughts about it.

We entered the building at 11 a.m. with 17 people and calmly asked the staff to stop working for the day. The aim was to disturb the smooth running of the procedure, but without causing further damage. The consulate is located on the 4th floor of an apartment building in Möhrenstraße 17 in Berlin-Mitte. As soon as we entered the rooms, we covered the cameras, explained our reason of the occupation to the staff, hung a banner with the words “Solidarity with the Squats” out of the window and threw out flyers. We made no demands whatsoever, but took the room to spread our ideas and show our solidarity.

The supporters down the street distributed flyers and our statement to the pedestrians. As soon as the rooms were occupied, we sent our text (…) to all ministries in Greece via fax and e-mail and also to some of the mass-media, because we discussed beforehand if we want to use the media to propagate our action and decided to send the text to some of them.

In the first minutes of the occupation several visitors came to the consulate, almost all were asked to leave and come back another day, the reactions were different. One visitor refused to leave the premises and remained alone in the visiting room all day.

Soon the consul appeared very upset and nervous. After him, about 20 minutes after the beginning of the occupation, the cops arrived. Since they are not allowed to enter the consulate without permission from the Greek government, they lined up in the hallway and on the street.

Downstairs they harassed the supporters and prohibited the use of banners, but this did not stop the people from continuing to support and shout out loud paroles, which we answered with joy upstairs. In the meantime the street was blocked off, at least eight big police vans were passing by, as well as several patrols and civil cops.

The cops were constantly banging on the door upstairs, sometimes using their batons. The consul talked to them, which turned out to be a bit complicated as he doesn’t speak German and the cops are notoriously not very eloquent.

In this conversation the consul said that we are not violent, no medical aid is needed, he does not know how long we will stay, and he would negotiate with us. He told us that he is not in the position to press charges.

In our reflection process we came to the conclusion that it would have been better to make it clearer to the Consul that he should not talk to the cops. It would have been enough if he had once said that we are here, nobody is hurt, and we will stay as long as we want. So all the time he continued to feel responsible for the rooms and stayed in his position even though they were occupied.

A while later the Greek ambassador appeared at the consulate and in turn began to talk to the cops, this time in German. They tried to persuade him to press charges and let them in. He reacted, as usual in his job, diplomatically, which the cops can now interpret as they like. At first, they didn’t come in because the representatives of the Greek state didn’t want them to, but they managed to exert a lot of pressure.

Then we had a plenary session to discuss how to proceed. This discussion should have taken place under different circumstances, because the consul and other staff members were always able to listen to us, and they sometimes felt involved. The main point of the discussion was the possible repression that the occupation might bring. We put forward several hypotheses as to what we could do to get minimal or no punishment. This discussion is necessary and important and should have been conducted more intensively in advance, although it was clear to everyone that we would very likely go out of action with charges, at least for trespassing.

Unfortunately, the question of repression dominated the discussion and the political goals of the action receded into the background.

Since we are aware that this pattern often occurs, we would like to criticize here that we are sometimes tempted to allow the emphasis to shift away from our goals and towards their means of harassing and intimidating us. Sometimes it does not serve our ideas or reduce repression if we focus on their means. Perspectively we should focus mainly on our goals and don’t give them the chance to influence us.

As our decisions must not only depend on possible repressive consequences, but mainly on our political objectives, we should have had the discussion among ourselves and without listeners, follow the original plan, even though it was spontaneous because of the current situation, and not rely on what representatives of the state against which this action is directed say.

Under these circumstances, we have decided to leave the consulate after the opening hours for visitors, as we have sent our text and successfully symbolically squatted the space.

We have informed the consul that we will leave when the cops have left the entrance area. Of course, they did not respond to this and made the offer that the consul could accompany us downstairs in groups of three where we were to be checked. No one had any interest to leave the building holding the hand of the representative of the Greek state. We wanted to go out together as a group and let the identity card controls, if at all, take place in the street.

So we went down together and walked into the cops’ trap. They herded us together in the elevator lobby and collected our ID documents. Some of us think that it would have been possible several times to offer some resistance, at least on a small scale, and make the cops’ work more difficult. They always returned the ID cards to only three people at a time, who could then leave. We decided together that we would not follow this decision and wait in the hallway for those who were still missing. The first two “released” people were pushed out, but after that we were able to reunite on the other side of a line of cops and wait for the rest. One person was separated from this group and controlled. This harassment was accompanied by all the others in solidarity, but the consul, who was the only one to be let through, was added to the control and even then he did not understand that his presence was not wanted in any way.

In the end, the cops noticed that they still had a report for masking up one’s sleeve, and they tried to identify this person with the help of video recordings, but this was not possible. During the whole waiting time we could hear the loud slogans from outside, and we were very happy to be welcomed on the street by many supporters in solidarity.

In the end, we consider this action as a success, we reached our goals and could show our solidarity across all borders. We know, that it could have been different, the cops and the Greek state could have done much more and the repression could have been harder. We consider this action necessary in order to show our solidarity to the squat(ter)s. It does not matter where we are, state and police repression are the real terrorists.

It is nice to see, that so many people could receive our message, and we continue the struggle together. We published this reflection in order to share our experiences with the movement, learn from each other and keep on fighting.

Our passion for freedom is stronger than any repression!

Solidarity with the squats!

 Some Squatters

PS: The first charges of trespassing have already reached us.

(via Deutschland Indymedia)

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Turkey: New Action Report from the Children of Fire Initiative

The Children of Fire Initiative have announced that they set fire to a ship in Tuzla, a bus in Umraniye and a factory in Adana.


The Initiative stated: “We will continue to respond to the barbaric enemy who carried out massacres in Kurdistan in the only language that they understand. The enemies of the Kurds applauded while the massacres were taking place in Serêkaniyê and Afrin, but they ask for help from the state with tears in their eyes when a car is set on fire in Turkey.”

The Action Report from the Children of Fire Initiative is as follows:

We have already stated that everybody who supports the massacre of the Kurdish people will be our targets no matter where they are. The enemies of the Kurds applauded when the massacres were carried out in Serêkaniyê and Afrin, but now they are crying for help from the State. They should know that we are coming for them too. The Children of Fire Initiative will continue targeting the enemies of the Kurds in all areas, we will continue to take revenge and call them to account.

Actions of the Initiative are as follows:

On the 18th of February, at 11:30PM, our initiative set fire to a driving school bus in Umraniye, Istanbul. The torched bus is now unusable.

On February 16th, our initiative set fire to a cargo ship in Tuzla, Istanbul. The ship is now unusable.

On February 13th, our initiative set fire to a cotton factory in Adana’s Yüreğir Havutlu District. The fire, which hundreds of personnel tried to put out, burned for 3 days.

(via Nûçe Ciwan, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)




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USA Prisons: “Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide” – Technological Captivity by Noah Coffin feat. Patrick Rater

Received on 16.02.2020:

In a scenario not unlike the disturbing work of fiction “1984” by George Orwell, the world around us has become nothing more than a massive surveillance system. As if Orwell had some glimpse into the future, we are witnessing his work come to shocking reality.

Facial recognition has been used by even places like Wal-Mart shopping centers for many years now. Should one decide to attempt anonymity, there’s software in circulation around the world which recognizes gait. Never mind that concealing or disguising your identity will get you arrested on “suspicion”, in what’s all too like those “thought police” in Orwell’s novel. Detained for being perceived as if you’re considering a crime… doesn’t this alarm you?

The rise in “smart” meters or appliances in the modern home make even your autonomous haven of privacy an altogether exposed location. Phones are GPS-monitored as well as “screened” during calls. Conversations are monitored for key words by a software system which was programmed for this purpose. What have you told your loved ones or confidants in private phone calls, or even in your home, that you wouldn’t want others to hear? Are you confident that the people who control this software are keeping with the “rules of conduct” told to those who have inquired about this?

Every aspect of your life is today controlled by a system. These are centered around one of the very oldest – currency. The exchange of such has evolved from that barter system, which, when taking close scrutiny of it, appears to be more reliable for the individual. In today’s society, the electronic transaction is rapidly replacing the promissary notes called “money”, which in itself is a subject I could write an article on, but that’s for another time.

These data-based accounts and electronic transactions are seriously vulnerable. Any number of alphabet agencies could at any time freeze, seize, or empty your account. Should the purchases, transactions, or even your social networking bring the “thought police” to the conclusion that you’re thinking of committing a crime, then however many years of work you put into adding to the account would be “seized” at the stroke of a keypad. That’s nothing to be passed off, folks. Who’s to say these people play by the rules?

Many people know little or nothing of computers. Oh, you’ve got the Facebook and SnapChat people sure, but I mean really know their stuff. There are some who do. If they happen to be so inclined, those people could use a flawed or vulnerable system, like the one we have, to exort, harrass, or steal from any number of people. A very good friend and supporter of mine just recently had his pension and account robbed blind. Do you feel comfortable knowing it’s that easy to be taken? With the global network of currency now vastly migrating toward digital or electronics, the “hard currency” will soon be obsolete. Where does that lead to?

Introducing a fellow comrade on this topic (verbatim), you will learn of his own experiences, as well as his thoughts on the plunge toward technological enslavement…

“Everything has gone to electronics today. It doesn’t seem strange at all to submit your account info to a site for a websale or what appears to be a simple and convenient transaction… until it’s too late.

Not knowing that without certain insurance policies that alert you for identity theft, debit or credit fraud such as “Lifelock”, your account, savings and sensitive information are all at stake. Though this system of “convenience” has largely taken over the world, is it for the better?

I thought no harm could come from my simple online transaction. A few clicks, enter my card number, and all done. Only to discover shortly after that someone, somehow, had gotten my information off the site’s database. A site that, under the “terms and conditions” stated my account info was safe. My funds were drained. Waiting for change at the counter never sounded so appealing. It makes one wonder how many fall victim. Who’s behind all the schemes?

To ensure the safety of a so-called “secure account”, we are obligated to purchase further security via insurance policies. Convenient, but for whom?

Looking at it, it does seem as though the system is pretty convenient. Set you up on a “secure account”, then sell you security. Oh, you don’t have to buy the added security, however if you don’t, you could wish you had.

Which direction is technology taking us, in the hands of corporate entities or governments? Parks and Wildlife agencies have new gadgets on their fully-computerized vehicles that have settings for infrared as well as thermal vision through their windshield. Yes, their “windshield”. Settings that give them the power to peer from their driver seat and see their surroundings in infrared or thermal vision. All that for animal protection? Not to mention that they are the only agency that can come onto your private, personal property without a court-ordered warrant to exercise a fully-legal search and seizure. If we can’t be on our own land with autonomy or privacy, then where can we go? What kind of technology will we be monitored by when we’re “alone”?

That brings to mind the oh-so-helpful “panic camera”. It’s supposedly “theft-activated” and is found on many “smart” devices. The camera is activated once your device is reported through your Google account, which automatically turns on your camera eye without giving any warning or alert, so as not to tip off the “theives” that they’re now being watched, their location being pinpointed. Who’s to say that you’re not being monitored this very moment on your convenient piece of technology?

Well, comrades, gonna sign off with that. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I bring these questions to your attention so that you’re aware.
Solidarity, Patrick”

Comrades, I’ve never much utilized electronic accounts or needed to. I’m not trusting enough to put money into a bank, but how long until I have no other choice? Going “off-grid” is virtually impossible today, and for those following the “boondocking” trend, it’s a crime to be a vagrant in many cities. The more I see technology take over society, it reveals how much freedom is lost or at risk of being lost. Cameras on stop lights, on our phones, at every place of business, now even featured on televisions in our home. I once read an interesting article explaining how every person, at any time, is in violation of close to fifty laws written in American legislature. That seems pretty convenient to a ruling government if you ask me.

In my final thought, I would like to ask you if you’ve got internet on your phone? Everyone does, right? Well, if you’re not concerned, you should be. If not for identity theft or financial risk, then maybe your purchase or social network could alert the kind of folk you don’t want breathing down your neck. Should your views or expressions be contrary to the way these types want things to go, then perhaps something of interest could be “found” on your browser. Some of the downloads on your internal storage could be said to be illegal. And who’s to speak on whether you did or did not download or browse such content? Of course, we all know that government is utterly honest, right? The fact that you’d have no witnesses to your alleged criminal actions, or any way to argue against it, as it’s on your device, makes that pretty convenient…

Solidarity forever, Noah.

All letters and support to the authors at:
Patrick Rater,
2665 Prison Road #1
Lovelady, TX 75851

Noah Coffin
2665 Prison Road #1
Lovelady, TX 75851


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