So-called Australia: Emergency Call for Support from the Djab Wurrung Embassy Land Defenders


‘when there is no justice in the court, there is just us!’

We have been advised by our lawyers today that our recent court process has failed. There is a noticeable build up of suspicious vehicles in the area and around the Major Road Projects base of operation. They may attempt to start works very shortly. Already supporters are making there way and we are strong.

We are calling on all supporters of the ‘sacred trees – sacred landscape’ Djab Wurrung Embassy campaign against the expansion of the Western Highway to converge ready for action and support roles IMMEDIATELY.

There is a need for everyone to come and defend the land and push back any police or machinery that may be soon attempting to enter the sites.

Sovereignty never ceded. This is Djab Wurrung land and we will defend it always.

This is not just about a small number of trees but a whole landscape of connection which is at risk. This is an act of Genocide, to attack the land is to attack our birthright, our culture and the continuation of our existence.

All we want is to re-route the freeway and drop the speed limit to protect our ancestor grounds, birthing trees, direction trees and culture. This is the front-line of defending culture and the living world.

Love and rage,
Djab Wurrung Embassy – Land Defenders.

(via Djab Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy)

More info: Supporting the Djab Warrung Embassy

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West Papua: TPNPB Prepare for War Against Indonesian Occupation & Urge International Media to Cover the Conflict

Photo: High Command of the TPNPB-OPM, Major General Lekagak Telenggen (left) and General Goliath Tabuni (right).

18.07.19: Gen. Goliath Tabuni and Maj. Gen. Lekagak, the High Command of the TPNPB-OPM (West Papua National Liberation Army-Free Papua Movement) have issued a statement declaring that they are ready for war against the Indonesian Colonial Military.

The statement said that all military leaders of the TPNPB-OPM met in Ilaga, Papua to make preparations for the continuation of guerrilla warfare against the Indonesian Military occupation in the ancestral lands of the Papuans. The military leaders are all opposed to the presence of Indonesian Colonial Military and police in the Puncak Jaya Regency, Puncak Papua Regency, Intan Jaya Regency and the Tembagapura Districts of Papua.

The leaders of the TPNPB-OPM also issued an invitation to international media to immediately enter West Papua to report on the conflict. They stated that they are about to “…carry out serious and open guerrilla warfare against brutal and inhumane oppression and occupation by the Indonesian Military in the Land of the Papuan Nation.”

The invitation was issued by High Commander of TPNPB Gen. Goliath Naaman Tabuni, TPNPB General Operations Commander Major General Lekagak Telenggen, Defense Region Commander of Sinak Bridgen Militer Murib, Defense Region Commander of Ilaga Penny Murib, Defense Region Commander of Intan Jaya Bridgen Ayub Waker, Hengky Wamang Personnel Staff of Defense Region Command of Kali Kopi Timika, Defense Region Commander of Jambi, Puncak Jaya regency, Defense Region Commander of Kwijawage and all TPNPB-OPM Personnel.

The statement also called on journalists from media outlets in Indonesia to defy restrictions and repression from the Indonesian government, military and police and report on the conflict.

(via West Papuan Human Rights Defenders)




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Athens, Greece: We Will Defend Our Squats, Our Neighborhoods and the Memory of Our Struggle

Photo: The squat patrol in Exarcheia, in front of the memorial for Alexis Grigoropoulos and Michael Kaltezas.

17.07.19: They think that we will live like slaves. They expect that we will cease to exist, that we will die quietly to perpetuate the world of power. In stubbornness of the times, not only have we not been destroyed, we have strengthened, we have spread everywhere, we have become the hope of the earth. They continue to torture us, preparing prisons and concentration camps for us, sprinkling our streets and our bodies with chemicals and plastic bullets and killing us. Once again they announce that they will take our homes, our squats, our squares, everything.

We are determined to defend our squats, our neighborhoods and the memory of our struggle. We will fight. The world of freedom, community and solidarity will win.

(via Athens Indymedia)

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Germany: Solidarity Greetings from Potsdam to Rojava

In the predominantly Kurdish regions of northeastern Syria – Rojava – a political system of self-government has been established in recent years. They are organized via councils and assemblies where women play a central role, and are instrumental in shaping the community’s autonomy. These accomplishments are defended by the YPG and the women of the YPJ. It was necessary to expel the so-called Islamic State and its inhuman system and to take a stand against the attacks of the Turkish Army.

We antifascists and anti-capitalists declare our solidarity with the civilian and military organizations in Rojava. We stand behind ideas for a peaceful coexistence and a more just rule-free society.

But we also demand solidarity with Rojava from the City of Potsdam and civil society!

Fight fascism and capitalism – here and everywhere, because the fight for liberation is international!

Stop the criminalization of the Kurdish movement!

(via Deutschland Indymedia)

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Rome, Italy: International Animal Liberation Gathering 26-28 July 2019

An occasion to meet each other, to share analyses and skills and to discuss experiences and strategies in the fight against the oppression of animals and the destruction of their habitats. A fight that is part of the wider fight against every form of exploitation, oppression and authority, for total liberation.

This gathering wishes to connect individuals and small groups of like minded people working for animal liberation in a way that is radically different from that undertaken by the majority of animal right groups nowadays. Animal activist groups that lack wider politics, be it for political apathy or for well thought out choices, are becoming increasingly appealing to people with fascist, nationalist, sexist and racist views.

On the other side, in the last years a reformist approach that relies on mass media, on market capitalism and dialogue with the State spread in part of the animal rights movement. We will be talking about the situation in our countries and about how to rebuild a radical movement.

We would like the gathering to have a special focus on strategy and practical proposals in addition to the philosophical and theoretical discussions. We want it to be a place where to share our experiences, to find inspiration and see what is working or not in our territories concerning our efforts to incite once again an animal liberation struggle that is anarchist and intersectional. This gathering is in continuity with the European Animal Liberation Gathering which took place in Bilbao from 1 to 3 June 2018 and the previous ones in Bristol and Marseille [1].

The anarchist struggle for liberation from any form of authority and power is the frame into which we conceive the struggle for animal liberation. Many people would not define themselves as anarchist but are still opposed to hierarchy and domestication, we would love for these people to be part of the gathering.

We want to build a network where we can work collectively to build solidarity bonds and resist repression. The animal liberation struggle is for us strongly interconnected to other struggles for liberation (against patriarchy, homo/transphobia, racism, colonization, environmental destruction and so on) and needs to listen and connect with the people most affected by these oppressions and their struggle to build an inclusive movement that doesn’t reproduce the dominant hierarchies. Other important aspects that we want to talk about are the support for direct action and prisoners support.

We want this gathering to be completely self-organized. We will propose a couple of discussions but we want to leave the space for everybody to propose a debate. We especially encourage comrades and activists to participate and share their experiences of animal liberation struggles in their territory or their practical skills. If you want to propose a presentation please contact us with a short description of it.


[1] Bilbao 2018:
Bristol 2017:

(via International Animal Liberation Gathering 2019)

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Hamilton, Canada: Anarchist Comrade Cedar Hopperton Released from Prison

Anarchist comrade Cedar Hopperton has been released after spending nearly a month in jail for allegedly violating their parole conditions after giving a speech arguing that police should not be part of the queer community and applauding those at Pride who stood up to the police and fascists.

Despite the fact that they weren’t at Pride, Cedar spent weeks in jail in a clear case of retaliation by the Hamilton police against Cedar for expressing their anarchist convictions. Cedar went on hunger strike after their arrest, and the queer and anarchist communities of Hamilton mobilized in their support.

The Tower, an anarchist social space in Hamilton, posted on Facebook Tuesday that Cedar was free, along with a photo of Cedar holding a “Free Cedar” poster.

“The rumours are true, and this time it’s a good thing — Cedar is free!” The Tower said. “A statement with more details is forthcoming.”

Asaf Rashid, Cedar’s lawyer in the parole board challenge, confirmed that Cedar was released in relation to some credited time around their incarceration. Cedar was initially due to be released at the end of July.

The parole board dismissed the false claim by Hamilton police that Cedar was at Pride.

Cedar’s release is a victory for the anarchist movement in Hamilton and beyond and a defeat for the oppressive Hamilton police force.

(via Anarchist Black Cross Federation)

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New Book ‘Total Liberation’ Now Available Free Online


Things have never been spinning so decisively out of control. Not once in the history of humanity, nor even in that of life in general. Extreme weather is no longer an abnormality; the fish are disappearing from the oceans; the threat of nuclear holocaust is back. Poverty ensnares us as much as ever, whilst the bodies pile up at the borders. To say this order is choking us is nowadays more than a metaphor: in most cities, you can no longer even breathe the air. Which is to say, in short, that the very atmosphere of the existent has become toxic. Within the confines of the system, there’s nowhere left to go. But that isn’t to say such confines are impenetrable – not in the slightest. A million roots of inquiry, each one as unique as you could imagine, begin to converge on exactly the same conclusion: the need for revolution has never been so pressing.

Perhaps it’s a little predictable to point out the hopelessness of this world – almost everyone knows. What’s more remarkable is that, even in spite of it, normality somehow finds the strength to grind on. The defendants of the existent hold dear to their claim that, for all its obvious flaws, liberal democracy remains the least bad form of human community currently available. Which is such a meagre justification, and yet it tends to work. Even avowed rebels, so convinced they’re outrunning this sacred assumption, merely reintroduce it in another form – the latest leftist political party, or even some grim fascist resurgence. And how successful have we revolutionaries been in demonstrating which worlds lie beyond all this? Such is the basic tension blocking our advance: even though the need for revolution has never been so clear, our idea of what one would even look like has rarely seemed so distant.

How do we ring in the system’s death knell a little sooner, whilst there’s still so much to fight for? How do we jump ship and live our lives outside this increasingly uninhabitable mess? Indeed, how do we unlearn the myths of this order of misery altogether, and really begin living in the first place?

Of course, it isn’t like these questions are being asked for the first time. All too often, though, calls for change are met with echoes from a distant century, as if mere resurrections of once dominant methods – be they Marxist or anarcho-syndicalist – are even close to applicable nowadays. No longer can we talk about oppression mainly in terms of some tectonic clash between two economic classes, the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. Nor can we be too sure of limiting the scope of revolutionary struggle to human liberation, dismissing out of hand the plight of other animals, not to mention the planet we call home altogether. At such a decisive historical juncture, it’s necessary to call everything into question: the times cry out for new visions, new strategies. Ones with a fighting chance of forging beyond the current impasse.

We don’t need any more reminders that this civilisation is heading for the abyss. What we seriously need is to ask is what we’re going to do about it. There’s a great deal of potential to the current social context, one in which the status quo forfeits its title as the most realistic option. But mere potential isn’t enough. Mainstream politics can hardly be expected to collapse under its own weight, except into something more monstrous than what we already know. Only in combination with concrete, accessible means of deserting it all do new forms of life begin to take shape.

This one goes out to the revolutionaries, wherever they’re to be found.

Download PDF: Total Liberation

(via Signal Fire)

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West Papua: TPNPB-OPM Call for Urgent Action on the Humanitarian Crisis in Nduga Region

17.07.19: TPNB-OPM (National Liberation Army of West Papua-Free Papua Movement) Central Command have issued a statement calling for urgent action regarding the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Nduga region in the Highlands of West Papua.

Since December 2018, the Nduga region has been the epicenter of clashes between TPNB-OPM and TNI (Indonesian National Armed Forces). The ongoing clashes are a result of the TNI’s Operasi Tumpas / Operation Annihilation, a genocidal program that aims to crush resistance, destroy communities and pave the way for the Trans Papua Highway that will run through the Nduga region.

The TPNB-OPM statement lists the crimes committed by the TNI including the looting and burning of homes, theft and destruction of household goods, theft and killing of livestock and the destruction of crops and gardens all of which has led to a refugee crisis due to people been forced out of their homes and villages. The statement is accompanied with photographic evidence of TNI crimes, which we have republished with this article.

The TPNB-OPM condemn the Indonesian government for covering up their crimes in Nduga region and the UN for remaining silent. They call on all those who are concerned about human rights to take action and call for immediate humanitarian intervention in Nduga region.

Background information about Operation Annihilation

(via West Papuan Human Rights Defenders)

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Call for August to be a Month of Agitation in Memory of Santiago Maldonado

We invite for the month of August all the individuals and collectives that feel close to the fate of our comrade Santiago Maldonado, who was disappeared and murdered by the Argentine State.

From the 1st of August, let’s see our anger, our proposals for the conflict, and our unwavering resolve. Nothing has ended for us, we are sparks that can go on and off, but we will always be here.

Let’s unleash our beautiful creativities, actions, meetings, assemblies, marches, whatever we choose. That’s what our freedom is all about, that’s what it’s about remembering our fallen brothers and sisters.

Let anarchy overflow from the confines and margins of this disgusting society.

Neither martyrs nor heroes!
Active memory with our dead!
Long live anarchy!

(via Act For Freedom Now)

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Russia: Update on Anarchist Prisoner Kirill Kuzminkin

On July 16, the Municipal Court of Moscow (Bogorodsky Val, 8) will consider an appeal against the extension of the detention of anarchist Kirill Kuzminkin, aged 14, suspected of making an explosive device. The appeal will start at 9.30 in office 327 or 328. Because Kirill is a minor, the meeting is likely to be closed. On July 1, the Presnensky Court extended the arrest until October 3, 2019. Prior to that, Kirill spent a month at the Serbian Institute on psychiatric examination.

Recall that Kirill Kuzminkin was arrested on November 2, 2018 on suspicion of manufacturing an explosive device; On November 6, the court arrested him; he was charged under Part 3 of art. 222.1 (“Acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transport or illegal transportation of explosives or explosive devices, committed by an organized group”) and Part 3 of art. 223.1 (“Illegal manufacture of explosives, illegal manufacture, alteration or repair of explosive devices committed by an organized group”) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. He was arrested during the investigation of a criminal case about an explosion at the FSB building in the Arkhangelsk region, which occurred on October 31 and as a result three department officials were injured. The attack killed Mikhail Zhlobitsky, 17, who brought an improvised explosive device to the building. According to the investigation, Kuzminkin and Zhlobitsky corresponded shortly before the death of Mikhail, in regard to the manufacture of explosive devices. According to relatives, there is no evidence that the investigation is correct: Kuzminkin is interested in chemistry, during the search they seized substances such as saltpeter, sugar, nail polish remover, etc.

Kirill does not acknowledge guilt, despite the persistent pressure (according to relatives) of the investigators, who are also dissatisfied with the fact that a lawyer defends him by agreement and not by appointment.

His family is now going through difficult times not only morally, but also financially. Kirill needs money to pay a lawyer. Alfa-Bank card of the mother of Kirill: 5559 4936 9993 0823 (Kuz’minkina Nadezhda Vladimirovna)

Address for letters: 125130, Moscow, Vyborg ul., 20, PKU prison 5, Kirill Kuzminkin Igorevich, born in 2004. Or write using the Rosusnik project:

(via AMW English)

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